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Ranch Rules
No Double Riding.....

Walking, trotting and (on the beach only) slow galloping (cantering only) is permitted. BUT never ever, full run or race your horses, AT ALL! This can be extremely dangerous and hazardous to you, the horse,and all the others on the trail. On the beach slow galloping or troting for a short distance is allowed.

After you mount your horse, there are no refunds, all rides are approximate times, ( it depends on the amount of trotting and cantering you do.)

There is no dismounting on the trail or switching horses with other riders.
Please do not "cowboy" your horse or show off. Stay alert at all times. Never over estimate your experience or ability.
Kids under 18 must have a helmet. We do have them available.
Kids start riding at age 7 and up.
To our Customers while on Horseback none of the following Please!
No children under the age of 12 after 3 PM.

Smoking, eating or drinking is not allowed on the trail. please do that before you mount your horse.
Cell phones, cameras and Ipods are not allowed. We have found they can be far too distracting.
(We do have a photographer on site.)

NO carry ons, i.e. back packs, purses, fanny packs, etc. Do not tie anything around your waist or anything on the saddle, i.e. coats, sweat shirts. They always fall off. Please put them on before you mount.
For the men, wallets have a tendency to fall out of a back pocket. We suggest you put them in your front pocket.

No shorts, or bathing suits. Long pants required, no shorts and no open toe shoes, like sandles or slippers or open topped shoes and heels should be 1/2 inch or less.
Thank you for obeying our rules. They are always for your saftey and the safety of others on the trail.
Never been on a horse? Click here for some detailed riding instructions.
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