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Elgin, Arizona

Ride the Frontera:

Arizona and Mexico!

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Photo credits by: Vista Michael.
Horse Ranches
Photo credits by: Vista Michael.
MEXICO'S COPPER CANYON. Add a remarkable five to eight days to your
equestrian holiday by joining us when we leave the grasslands of
Southeastern Arizona and arrive at our destination of Creel, Chihuahua,
Mexico, gateway to fabulous Copper Canyon.

Our tour begins in SONOITA, Arizona, an hour's drive south of Tucson.
Sonoita offers exemplary Bed & Breakfast facilities, trail rides in the
San Raphael Valley, Santa Rita and Patagonia Mountains to whet your
appetite and toughen your seat for the Mexico experience. We leave
Sonoita at "dark-thirty" on Day One, drive to our border crossing of
Agua Prieta, travel at "whippin' and spurrin' " speed, arriving at our
cabanas in Creel, no worse for wear by late afternoon. With time to
exchange dollars for pesos, lust over exquisite Tarahumara Indian crafts
and weavings, and have a hearty dinner, we turn in for a good night's
rest before our ride of Day Two. Then come our options.

OPTIONS include: three days of serenely beautiful rides out and back to
Creel, taking in such sites as Cusarare Waterfalls, Recohuata Hot
Springs, Arereco Lake, Valley of Monks and San Ignacio Mission. Our
"rhythm" is distinctly Mexicano. No high-speed chases, war stories to
take home, no heroics. Our horses are sweet-natured, sturdy Spanish Barb
crosses. Other Options: six days of packing out for the long trail,
camping at Tarahumara settlements, breathing, eating and sleeping their
culture, visiting historic old gold mines and missions, taking meals at
Señora Rosa's kitchen in MAGUARICHI, swimming in thermal hot springs,
riding along Rio Otero, up the "white-knuckle" trails of the barranca,
taking in the ethers of alpine forests, and arriving back in Creel for a
farewell supper at Veronica's Cafe. We also tailor-make your ride with a
combination of day-rides and overnights at hot springs or Tarahumara
settlements. By late Fall, 2001, we'll even be adding URIQUE and
BATOPILAS to our packages!

WHO WE ARE. Susan Shields, Arizona trail rider and guide, arranges your
trip - transportation, if needed, from Tucson to Sonoita( optional );
B&B of your choice in Sonoita ( optional ); transportation to Creel;
B&B in Creel ( optional) ; calming your "What-ifs", and getting you up into the
saddle. Norberto Padilla, graduate with a degree in Tourism, (he's even
a wine-tasting expert! ) English speaking, and undoubtedly the most
conscientious and honorable young man you'll ever find in this business,
has the stables, horses, pack gear, vaquero, and knowledge of the
canyons. He's our true guide. Did I mention his delightful sense of
humor and muy special dog, Muñiga?

CONTACT US: 520.455.5670 e-mail:
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